DentalBuzz: a jolt of current

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  1. Lisa

    Is this real? It can’t be. I don’t know. Please make it go away.

  2. tin

    so many things can go wrong with this….i can’t believe people would actually want to buy this without any training especially with the anesthesia…..and just drilling freely??? people don’t know how deep to drill….not only do you not know if you took out all the decayed part of the tooth but if you hit the pulp of the tooth it’s game over…

    • buzzadmin

      What’s sad is that the cost of the DentiDrill is less than having two tooth-colored fillings placed by a REAL DENTIST just about anywhere in the US.

  3. Julia

    This is simply a propaganda message against Obama’s health care implementation . Pretty sad and pathetic. You’re message has FAILED. As a mother, I would never consider giving money to a “company” that advocates for NO HEALTH CARE. Your mother should be ashamed.

  4. Ross Rubino

    Is this real? I don’t know what to think about this. If you’re looking for a REAL dentist, then Rubino Dentistry – a Park Ridge dentist .

  5. Doctor Buddy Taylor

    Dude…. How about an x- ray to diagnose thr cavity, how close to the nerve, etc. and a decent light… Add on the cost of infection control… An assistant to sterilize and keep the doctor’s operating field dry… His or her TRAINING… The bonding material, the restorative material, the toilet. Of the cavity, the skill in placement, the adjustment of the bite and finish down of excess material. You are in fit a rude shock when you try this yourself…, of in your family. Dentistry is hard, exacting, craftsman like work as we say: like repairing a fine watch while someone is bleeding and spitting on it… Buddy Taylor DDS

  6. David R. Boag, DDS

    This has been confirmed as a hoax. Keep calm.

  7. Charles Lynn DDS

    Yea,right.. And check out the do-it-yourself lobotomy and appendectomy kits for those who could think this up, or believe it!

  8. Douglas Bogle

    I do not agree to the point that we shall not be wanting any dentist in future. A common ma cannot be actual with its teeth and gum problems. Dentistry kit might be useful but a dentist using the kit properly would be a great achievement not a common person. recently Auckland dentists have come out with a research of having a dentistry kit using workshop for common people but at the end they were not sure whether people would be able to use the kits or not.

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