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Is Arestin® a red flag?

Not long ago, all dental practices were owned by the dentist who took care of you. Sure, they might not have given you any anesthetic before they smashed silver crunchy metal into your cavities, and they may have slapped you around and given you Post Traumatic Stress Disorder any time you thought about opening your mouth wide for anyone, but at least you knew that the dentist shoving their knuckles into your nostrils was the one dictating how things were done around there. Since then, dentistry has gone all Wal-Mart on the public. There are thousands of dental offices that are part of large chains, where the … [Read More...]

Serious tongue action

Are you in a state of media overshock after this gratuitous display of tongue-adge on a certain video awards show? No? But it may give you pause to think about all the naughtiness that tongues present to you as a dental clinician on a daily basis. Most … [Read More...]


Why your fingers shouldn’t be in the picture

"Just this once; it's okay." Does that sound like your practice? You know, you have a gaggy, bouncy kid who's just about to tongue-thrust their way out of having those radiographs taken, but here comes Amazing Assistant to help you get a diagnostically … [Read More...]

A plea to use DMG Icon infiltrant

Don't you think that this is the WORST part of orthodontia? You take off the brackets and voila! Straight teeth... with fugly white squares where acid beat the $#!† out your patients' anteriors. And NOW you have to go drill on their teeth, destroying what you … [Read More...]