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Great dental practices are run like great kitchens

Here's something you might not know: my husband creates communication software that helps medical practices stay on time, and as his marketing manager, I thought it was ABOUT TIME (bad pun, *snort*) that I wrote an article about our behind-the-scenes passion. Ooh, that sounded honeymooney, but no, not that. I'm talking about the passion we both have to help people communicate better, and in the ten years since we launched the software we have helped thousands of offices - dental, medical, veterinary, optometry - who were plagued by the inability to move people quickly … [Read More...]


*dentist not included (with clear aligners)

If you're not an orthodontist, but you straighten teeth in your dental practice, I've got a fistfight just waiting for you. Where? Thankfully someone else went through the trouble of making this cute little scroll-ey infographic, so I'll just post it here and … [Read More...]


Is Arestin® a red flag?

Not long ago, all dental practices were owned by the dentist who took care of you. Sure, they might not have given you any anesthetic before they smashed silver crunchy metal into your cavities, and they may have slapped you around and given you Post Traumatic … [Read More...]


Phocal fluoride disks

What in the phôc is Phocal? The name is oh-so-clever, the way it changes up the F-sound, pinpoints the precision of its delivery mechanism, adds in a little calcium and acid/base interplay there. Plus, the little disks sorta kinda look like contact lenses. … [Read More...]


Crest toothpaste embeds plastic in our gums

  This is polyethylene: Did you know that polyethylene is the most common plastic in the world? It is used primarily for containers and packaging, such as these bottles and plastic grocery bags, and has been a concern for the environment because … [Read More...]


An interview with the Duck Dynasty dentist

Not too many dentists are portrayed positively in the media, we all pretty much know that. Even when something so routine as a third molar extraction becomes fodder for reality TV it becomes as heinous as possible. Oh, and thanks, sound teams, for when you add … [Read More...]