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I wanna be sedated

By Amanda Kaestner Oh yeah, that's all we need. Back in 2006, a research psychiatrist at the National Center for Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, H. Stefan Bracha, M.D., suggested upsetting dental experiences could install PTSD in patients, which might then last their entire lives. Along with another couple of miscreants, Bracha advised that any caption including the word “phobia,” or “anxiety,” wasn't humorless enough to describe the … [Read More...]

Serious tongue action

Are you in a state of media overshock after this gratuitous display of tongue-adge on a certain video awards show over the past weekend? No? But it may give you pause to think about all the naughtiness that tongues present to you as a dental clinician on a … [Read More...]


Lumadent headlight review

Do you know how sometimes, when you get a new piece of equipment, it's so Shifta La Paradigma that you can't even THINK about working without it? You get a little anxious about the possibility of it failing and having to go back to the old way of doing things. … [Read More...]


Why your fingers shouldn’t be in the picture

"Just this once; it's okay." Does that sound like your practice? You know, you have a gaggy, bouncy kid who's just about to tongue-thrust their way out of having those radiographs taken, but here comes Amazing Assistant to help you get a diagnostically … [Read More...]