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Today’s video from “The DEZiree Show,” produced by DentalEZ, like most dental humor, is almost there:

So you watch this clip, then you wonder, how many hygienists in job-saturated markets don’t even have the luxury of being able to wrestle with these sorts of ethical dilemmas? They’re just happy to have an income. And if you don’t want to work faster than you should, there’s the door, honey. We’ve got five more hygienists waiting for your position when you leave.

If you must ever make a decision to follow your halo out of a practice like that, remember, there are also dentists who would rather have ethical hygienists than ones who will do whatever they’re told to do regardless of whether or not it’s best for patients.

Just please, promise yourself, you will never, NEVER, consider taking a personal day to go watch a movie, especially NOT the upcoming Twilight one, like DEZiree is pretending to skip out for. Eyes will roll as your credibility sinks beyond all hope.

And a shirtless Robert Pattinson is just one of those things you can’t unsee.


  1. Eva says

    Take a personal day to stare at some scrawny dude on the big screen that I could squish with the greatest force and utter girth of my bottom? I don’t know what she’s on but obviously she’s getting some good N202 somewhere.

  2. Kathleen says

    We all run into patients that are not the correct recall. I try to get them to come in earlier recalls or tell them they have to return for a 2nd prophy and call that one a debridement. Making your next patient wait only stresses out them, the doctor and front desk who has to look at the waiting patient. Doing a Debridement and calling it a prophy only will ensure the patient continues on this path. Causing you to give away free dentistry. I do applaud your videos and Go Team Jacob!

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