Dental Design Rip-offs

Looking around your dental practice, you wonder where the ideas for all those gadgets came from. Do you need help uncluttering the deja-vu from your mind?

Run your mouse over the product images to get a sense of their origins.



Unfortunately, the Luxatemp guns do not fire over long distances. That and they’re kind of runny.



Make sure that you’ve placed the right kind of suction tip in your patient’s mouth.



Laser dentistry. So easy, even a toddler could do it.



Enamel Pro paste appeals to hygienists who never grew up. Oh, the colors that end up in our children’s stomachs! Thankfully patients aren’t supposed to swallow this.



Who says you have to sit still while doing dentistry? The Evolution Chair also provides for good spinal alignment.



Hey, with an LCD screen, you can find the bottom of anything! At least the Vector Root Apex Locator comes with its own hook.



Never mind.